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Červená Lhota castle


Červená Lhota is a castle situated about 30 km south-east of Tábor in south Bohemia, Czech Republic. It stands at the middle of a lake on a rocky island. Its picturesque Renaissance building is a destination of thousands of tourists every year.

distance: 30 km, estimated time: 1:40

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The remains of Choustník castle


Choustník are the ruins Early Gothic castle, located on the eastern edge of the village Choustník, about 12 km from the town of Soběslav. Two square palace towers and massive walls are preserve up to the present. One of the towers is designed as a lookout, which offers a beautiful view of the countryside.

distance: 21 km, estimated time: 1:10

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The ruins of Kozí Hrádek


Kozí hrádek is a national cultural monument in the Czech Republic. Kozí hrádek are actually ruins of a Gothic castle, which towers above a creek. Only the remnants of the foundation walls, residential towers and gates are preserved. Despite that, Kozí hrádek is a popular tourist destination, which is very worth visiting

distance: 9.6 km, estimated time: 32 min

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Bechyně castle


Bechyně castle is situated on the rock above the confluence of the Lužnice river and the Sad creek, in the town of Bechyně. You can admire Peter Wok life, one of his greatest works is the wedding and late-Gothic hall.

distance: 36 km, estimated time: 2 hrs

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Stádlec chain bridge


Stádlec bridge over Lužnice was built in 1975 under the township Stádlec and is the last surviving Empire chain bridge in the Czech Republic. In 1959, the was declared a national technical monument.

distance: 21 km, estimated time: 1:10

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Near the centre of Tábor is the Baroque pilgrimage site of Klokoty, which in the Hussite period became famous as the place where Jan Žižka had Adamites burnt

They are commemorated here by a statue by František Bílek, whose artistic interpretation of the Hussite movement can be found throughout the town. Besides the Church of the Transfiguration, another noteworthy stop in Tábor is the Hussite Museum inside the former Town Hall. The exhibition acquaints visitors with the Hussite movement and the history of the Hussite town. Also interesting is a trip through the Tábor catacombs.

distance: 3 km, estimated time: 10 min

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Hrad castle


Borotín castle are the ruins of a medieval castle. It is located between the villages and Borotín Sudoměřice u Tábora near Tábor. The walls of the castle were conserved between 1980 and 1982, and Borotín castle is now freely accessible.

distance: 18 km, estimated time: 1 hr

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Dobronice are the ruins of a medieval castle overlooking the Lužnice river. It is located in the village near the town Dobronic. The castle tower is still preserved as well as the remains of walls.

distance: 28 km, estimated time: 1:34

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